About us

DPH (Hydraulic Project Development) is a company that specialises in the marketing, repair, and distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic components. Based on an analysis of your needs, at DPH we will give you the most adequate solution using the highest quality materials, and working with experienced professionals operating the most cutting-edge technological machinery available.

Hydraulic Project Development has a young, highly qualified team of professionals working in the hydraulic sector who wish to share and develop their knowledge together with their clients and providers, with the aim of offering the best service possible.


Our mottos are proximity and speedy service. The secret of our success is a fast, punctual service based on the quality of our products, and to this end we rely on a network of professionals with many combined years of experience, which attests to the considerable capabilities of our organisation.


At DPH, our state-of-the-art installations cover more than 1,200m2. Our intelligent warehouse allows us to optimise the use of spaces, stay up-to-date with real time information about available stock at any moment, and streamline the preparation of orders.


Customer focus

We work in close collaboration with clients and seek their participation when defining and developing our products and services in order to guarantee their satisfaction.


We work with reliable, committed providers who give us confidence that our efforts and products are of the highest quality.


Searching constantly for ways to improve our products and services makes innovation part of the day's work at DPH.

Honesty and trust

What sets us apart from our competitors is our trustworthiness in everything we do. We earn our clients’ trust by work well done, proving our ability to fulfil our commitments.